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Du végétal à l’industrie pour une chimie verte et durable

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Development of biobased plastic materials – Futuramat

Futuramat produces and markets biosourced plastic materials developed and patented by Valagro:

  • BIOCERES® : biodegradable and 100% biobased composites based on mixtures of biopolyesters and wheat flour.
  • POLYCERES® : biodegradable and partly biobased composites based on biopolyolefins and wheat flour
  • BIOFIBRA® : biodegradable and 100% biobased composites based on biopolyesters and wood,
  • POLYFIBRA® : biodegradable and partly biobased composites based on petrochemical polymers and wood,

Bio-based polymers and materials

Improvement of the environmental impact of products thanks to the replacement of petrochemical materials by biosourced materials with features of eventual biodegradation to improve the environmental impact of your products.


  • Development of polymeric materials based on natural fibers (wood, hemp, ..) and / or native flours
    • development of formulations adapted to your applications and processing techniques (injection, calendering, blow molding, extrusion ...)
    • fiber functionalization
    • material degradability
  • renewable carbon monomers polymerization
  • recycling by chemical polymerization of plastic materials
  • bio-additives development
  • load preparation
  • physical-chemical, mechanical and thermal characterizations of your biomaterials
  • comparative analysis of materials

Research Tools

  • dryer and crusher of plant materials
  • corotating twin-screw extruder
  • injection press, thermo-regulate plate press, press granulation
  • polymerization reactors (mass process, emulsion, solution ...)
  •  depolymerization reactors (autoclave, high pressure reactors…)
  • thermal process reactor (in air, N2, H2 or NH3)
  • crushers
  • characterization devices (mechanical, rheological, thermal, chemical,)