Valagro - Carbone Renouvelable

Du végétal à l’industrie pour une chimie verte et durable

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Best of

  • Development of a fluxing agent for biobased bitumen (Colas Group)
  • Development of a natural insulating oil for electrical transformers, as a PCB substitute(EDF)


Development of biobased products for the chemical industry : lubricants, biosolvents, technical fluids...
Areas of activity: Industrial and fine chemistry, cosmetics, hygiene and cleaning products, nutrition.


  • Analytical characterization of vegetable raw materials
  • Vegetable extraction and fractionation of oilseeds biomass
  • Purification of constituent fractions (oil, protein, sugars, ...)
  • Green oleochemical synthesis
  • Catalytic activation
  • Final formulation of biobased products

Research Tools

  • Lab scale synthesis, formulation and analysis: reactors, chromatography (CPG, HPLC) rheometer, viscometer, colorimeter, ...
  • Pre-industrial pilot:
    • oil presses (15 to 50 kg),
    • batch extractor(100 l),
    • press filters (5 to 50 l/h),
    • batch reactors (10 to 300l) variable pressure and temperature,
    • purification pilot
    • Kühni thin layer evaporator (50l/h), wiped film distillator (2l/h).