Valagro - Carbone Renouvelable

Du végétal à l’industrie pour une chimie verte et durable

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For the last 20 years, Valagro’s mission has gradually focused on fossil carbon substitution by plant-based carbon in industrial processes.
Valagro Renewable Carbon assists industrial companies involved in an environmental policy with processes based on green and renewable chemistry.

Valagro’s research and development platform was founded in 1992 by with the university of Poitiers together with industrial and agricultural players with the support of Poitou-Charentes region, the french state and the European Union. Its initial mission was to promote R&D in non-food valuation of agricultural products.

In 1995, the technical platform acquired an industrial pilot in oleochemistry. In 1997, Valagro developed the first French patent for the production of biofuels through solid catalysis.

By 1998, Valagro has focused its activities on industrial issues and centered its R&D expertise on waste and byproducts valuation, with oleochemistry and polymers chemistry, and started to build up a patent portfolio.

Futuramat company, which produces bioplastics from Valagro’s patents, was created in 2006, in Poitiers (86). The same year, Valagro developed a department for lignocellulose chemistry and in 2007 a biochemstry unit.

In 2008, with Poitou-Charentes Region support, Valagro becomes Valagro Carbone Renouvelable, a semipublic company dedicated to biomass, byproducts and industrial waste valorization.
Valagro CR shareholders include industrial actors from the sectors of energy, waste, off-road and agriculture as well as financial actors.
Thanks to the implication of Poitou-Charentes Region, particular conditions are offered to the companies wishing to benefit from Valagro’s technologies on the territory.