Valagro - Carbone Renouvelable

Du végétal à l’industrie pour une chimie verte et durable

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Our strengths

A multidisciplinary team, specialized in: fundamental chemistry and process engineering.

Over 40 patents developed for our clients

A technological hall of 1200 m² from lab scale to pilot plant.

A 20-years experience in vegetable chemistry.

A proven capacity for innovation.

Experimental production and toll manufacturing

Valagro develops the right processes for new biobased substances production.

Our technical platform specialized in separation and transformation of vegetal components and our expertise in process engineering enable us to validate your products :

  • characterization, product analysis, degradation tests
  • pre-series, samples, product validation
  • little toll manufacturing

Our production tool:

  • chemical and biochemical transformation of molecules
  • catalytic, thermal and enzymatic activation
  • proteins extraction
  • eco solvents extraction
  • reactive extrusion (vegetable oils, carotenoids, polyphenols, vitamins, proteins, ..)
  • molecular distillation (molecules has high added value)
  • physical/chemical fractionation of lignocellulose